Redcord Mini- Best in test!

The Norwegian magazine Det Nye Shape Up (November 2014) has tested 8 portable suspension training equipment, and Redcord Mini is the winner with best possible score, 6 out of 6!


Redcord goes Live!

Have a look at the Redcord exercise videos !
ExorLive and Redcord have recently launched a new exercise module with Redcord exercises available in the ExorLive software:

  • 350 new videos, pictures, anatomical illustrations
  • Multi language (ENG, SWE, DK, FIN)
  • Cloud based
  • Seamless sharing and distribution to clients regardless of web-platform or operating system
  • Easily integrated with journal systems

Training with Redcord allows the body to stabilize while doing strength exercises. Redcord also allows the user to train muscle interaction, from the inner, small supporting muscles to the large, visible muscles. Home Training in slings provides better function in daily life and sports.

Inspire your athletes!
Over 19 000 professionals are using ExorLive to create and design training programs.
Create and deliver Redcord training programs to your athletes via PDF and ExorLive mobile app

About ExorLive
ExorLive is an Internet-based program that helps creating and distribute exercise programs.
The program contains more than 4 500 exercises, which makes it easy to find inspiration.
Each exercise is shown with at least two pictures and a video. An anatomical figure displays which muscle groups the individual exercise targets

Proud ambassador for Redcord

Vibeke Dehli is proud ambassador and works out in Redcord slings on a regular basis. She publishes useful exercise tips for your workout and inspires us though training, food, and healthy life choices.

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