Redcord AS (formerly Nordisk Terapi) was established in 1991.

Redcord AS develops and sells Redcord treatment and exercise equipment based on the unique treatment method NEURAC® (Neuromuscular activation). This is a treatment and exercise method build on scientific studies. It has a documented effect on musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular dysfunction such as back and neck problems. Redcord provides individual adjustment that can have an immediate effect for patients of all ages, as well as excellent results in training for both regular exercisers and top athletes. Redcord is more than sling exercise therapy. We arrange courses in Redcord and Neurac®.

Comprehensive knowledge of physical medicine and exercise science underlies a unique active training method. Several published scientific articles in reputable journals such as Spine have reported positive results. Redcord Clinic in Høvik is our professional services company for Redcord in Norway. As a branch leader, Redcord continues to pave the path for new ideas and innovative products in functional training and rehabilitation.