The reason is that suspension training focuses on muscular interaction and activates multiple muscle groups in just one exercise.  Take a look at this video with the Norwegian cross-country athlete, Øystein Pettersen, weak-link testing at Redcord Clinic in Norway.


Do you want to become stronger and fitter?

Functional exercising enhances your performance!

Most movements related to sport start with the core muscles in the abdomen, hip and back. The energy is then transferred to a jump, throw or kick. Without a strong core, your power will be reduced. This will give you a poor end result and can cause damage.

Functional training in Redcord slings consists of three-dimensional exercises and has high transfer value to sport and competition. This kind of exercise improves strength, muscle endurance, balance, coordination and stability. Research shows that suspension exercise in Redcord increases achievements in sports more than traditional strength training. Because suspension exercise focuses on muscle interaction and activates multiple muscle groups in one exercise, this makes the exercise very time efficient.

Redcord suspension exercise is used by therapists, coaches and athletes worldwide because it:

  • Enhances performance
  • Is effective
  • Is functional
  • Prevents injury