A large number people suffer from injuries and pain as a result of overloaded muscles and weaknesses in muscle interaction – also called ‘weak links’. In top athletes this is shown by inefficient force development, in regular exercisers by strain injuries, and in employees by bad backs and sore shoulders.

An appointment with a Certified Neurac Practitioner will discover weaknesses and give you answers to the following questions:

  • What is your motor control like?
  • Does your muscle interaction and force development satisfy the way you are currently working out?
  • Are you at risk of getting strain injuries and other injuries?

With specially developed test procedures and exercises in Redcord slings, it is possible to:

  • Detect potential side differences and weaknesses in muscle interaction
  • Design work-out programs to reduce ‘weak links’
  • Ensure optimal force development and correct core activation
  • Relieve overloaded muscles
  • Prevent pain, muscle cramps and injuries caused by overload
  • Improve muscle strength and control

It is important to focus on injury-preventing exercise. Train systematically, functionally and efficiently with great transfer value to different sports and activities

If you want to achieve your goals by improving your strength and function, optimizing force development and avoiding injuries, we are here to help!

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Identifying weaknesses – customized exercise program

Phase one consists of testing to identify inactive muscles, as well as weaknesses in core and muscle interaction. These weaknesses can be a result of former injuries and of changes in signal flow between brain and muscles because of pain, overload or inactivity.

A customized exercise program with Redcord slings is drawn up based on the tests made. The purpose of the training is to activate and strengthen weak muscles, relieve overloaded muscles and optimize muscle interaction. The exercises are pain-free.

Guided training ensures long-term effect

Sling treatment and exercise look at the big picture and examine the cause of pain, not just the symptoms. You prevent injuries and relapses by eliminating weaknesses in muscle interaction. The slings can easily be installed at home or be taken along on holidays. You can thus continue the exercises after treatment.

Remarkable results

Sling exercise can help everyone who wants to improve strength, stability and muscular control, as well as athletes who want to perform better at their sport. Redcord exercise shows remarkable results with top athletes, as well as with patients with chronic alignment and acute pain. Exercising in Redcord slings can also reduce sick leave at the workplace. A weak-link test can help you to improve function, regardless of whether your goal is victory in a specific sport or getting rid of discomfort in a busy everyday life.