Beach volleyball players depend on good shoulder strength and stability to avoid injuries. The large muscle groups in the buttocks and thighs play an important part in the receiving and defensive positions and even more when jumping. Some of the movements in volleyball are in extreme positions where stability and core muscles are important.

Norwegian beach volleyball player, Vilde Solvoll, has helped us put together a program with exercises to prevent injuries and improve performance

Opposite Flyes

Standing leaning backwards. Straps at forearm with 90 degrees of elbow flexion. Lift body upwards by pressing arms out to the side, and slowly return to starting position

Squats in slings
Strength legs/buttocks + stabilization core, hips and knees

Stand with your feet in straps five to ten cm above surface. Perform controlled squats with minimum support from the ropes. This is one of the most important exercises for a beach volleyball player

Prone Hip Flexion

Lie on your stomach with your legs in a Redcord Sling. Support your upper body on your forearms. Tighten your abdominals and bring your body into a plank position. Pull your knees towards your chest by flexing your legs. Avoid moving your upper body forward

Prone Hip Flexion – Straight Knees
Interaction core/abs and hip flexors

Lie on stomach with feet in straps. Upper body supported on forearms. Raise pelvis by flexing hips while keeping knees straight. Progression: On straight arms

Standing Shoulder Extension/Superman with or without elastic bands
Strength and stability core and shoulders

Stand on your knees with hands in straps or elastic bands*. Slowly lean forward with a straight body while your arms move forward parallel to your head. Keep the position for three seconds before returning to starting position

Prone Plank with “body saw” with or without elastic bands

Starting position: Prone plank supported on forearms with straps or elastic bands* at ankles. Your feet should be just above the ground. Push your body backwards while maintaining core control. Keep the position for three seconds before returning to starting position

* Elastic bands and Redcord suspension exercise can be a great combination. By attaching elastic bands to your Redcord Trainer you can easily adjust the length/resistance and difficulty level of the exercise