Cycling requires a great amount of core control and stability to maintain a good posture and avoid “wobbling”. A strong core is important to get maximum power when you pedal. In addition, cyclists have to maintain a static position with their upper bodies, hence often experience injuries and pain in back, neck and shoulders.

David Bombeke (Cadel Evans’ physiotherapist) and the Norwegian cyclist Sebastian Ferner Johansen (Team People4you) have helped us select some exercises that aim to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Prone plank with cycling
Front side of body with focus on hip flexors and core

Lie on your stomach with your legs in straps. Support your upper body on your forearms. Tighten your abdominals and bring your body into a plank position, alternately left and right leg in a cycling movement. Avoid arching your lower back. Return into plank position between each movement. Repeat 20 times each leg

Prone Hip Flexion – Straight Knees
Interaction core/abs and hip flexors

Lie on stomach with feet in straps. Upper body supported on forearms. Raise pelvis by flexing hips while keeping knees straight. Progression: On straight arms

Supine Knee Flexion – Straight Hips
Improves muscle interaction calves, thighs and buttocks

Straps under heels about 30 cm above the ground. Lift pelvis up to a straight body. Flex knees by pulling heels as far as possible toward buttocks while keeping hips extended. Progression: Balance cushion between shoulder blades. Lift with one leg

Standing Lunge (Back Leg in Strap)
Hip/knee/foot alignment

Standing in front of Redcord Trainer or Mini with ankle at back in strap. Flex front knee until thigh is horizontal. Keep back straight and make sure front knee pointing forwards. Progression: Front foot on balance cushion

Supine bridging – one leg
Back side of body + core strength

Lie on your back with one leg in narrow sling below knee. The sling should be about 30 cm above the floor. Straighten your leg and push down into sling to lift your body up to a straight position. Keep for 3 seconds before returning to starting position. Progression: Arms crossed over your chest, sling at ankle or/and balance cushion between shoulder blades

NB: Video shows both legs in slings

Side-Lying Hip Abduction
Outside hip, with focus on gluteus medius

Lie on side with wide sling. Support the upper body on your forearm. Tighten your abdominals and lift your hip until your body is straight. Lift upper leg. Avoid flexing your hip. Return to the starting position. The exercise can also be performed on a straight arm


Start in a kneeling position with the straps on your forearms. Tighten your abdominals and lean forward by putting weight on your arms. Lower your upper body by moving your arms out to the side. Return to the starting position by pressing your arms together. The exercise can also be performed from a standing position and with straight arms