These exercises are chosen to strengthen the core, improve swing control and increase length for golf players.
Read the research how suspension exercise can improve clubhead velocity and rotational power here

Push-up Plus

Lower the ropes to desired height and do push-ups. Protract (make arms long) shoulders when arms are straight. Avoid touching ropes for support. Progression: Knees on balance cushion, on toes, use one arm

Supine Pull-ups

Lie under Redcord Trainer/Mini/AXIS with knees flexed and arms straight. Lift body by flexing elbows. Progression: Lift with straight body. Variation: Only lift upper body


Sit under the apparatus with elbows flexed and your hands in the straps or PowerGrip. Keep elbows close to your body and back straight. Lift your buttocks by extending your elbows and return to the starting position by slowly lowering your body

Supine Bridging

Lie on your back with one leg in each strap. Tighten your abdominals and lift your hips into a straight body position by pressing your legs down. Stabilize your body and avoid arching your lower back

Side-Lying Bridging

Lie on side with wide sling about 30 cm above ground. Upper body supported on forearm. Lift pelvis up from floor until body is straight

Prone Hip Flexion

Lie on your stomach with your legs in a Redcord Sling. Support your upper body on your forearms. Tighten your abdominals and bring your body into a plank position. Pull your knees towards your chest by flexing your legs. Avoid moving your upper body forward