Kiting and windsurfing require flexibility, control and balance. A strong core is important to prevent injuries and to be able to handle the falls and hard landings. Using Redcord exercises is the perfect workout to achieve a strong and functional body without getting big and heavy.

These are Norwegian kiter Marit Nore’s favourite exercises in Redcord.

Why do use Redcord to improve your kiting skills?
“Kiting is a sport that requires a lot of impulse and a high level of body control. Painful falls and hard landings are a part the game, and injuries in knees, shoulders and arms are common. Redcord exercises give me the strength and balance to perform better and decrease the risk of injuries”


Supine Knee Flexion

Lie on your back with your heels in the wide/narrow sling or a heel in each strap. Tighten your abdominals and lift your hips into a straight body position by pressing your heels down. Pull your heels toward your buttocks without dropping your hips. Return to starting position. Exercise can be done with one foot, and by pulling one heel towards your buttocks

NB: Video shows both legs in straps

Prone Plank with “body saw”

Starting position: Prone plank supported on forearms with straps at ankles. Your feet should be just above the ground. Push your body backwards while maintaining core control. Keep the position for three seconds before returning to starting position

Standing Shoulder Extension

Straps at desired height. Lean forward with straight arms as far as possible by flexing shoulders. Press hands into straps to return to starting position

Supine Pull-ups

Lie under Redcord Trainer/Mini/AXIS with knees flexed and arms straight. Lift body by flexing elbows. Progression: Lift with straight body. Variation: Only lift upper body

Push-up Plus

Lower the ropes to desired height and do push-ups. Protract (make arms long) shoulders when arms are straight. Avoid touching ropes for support. Progression: Knees on balance cushion, on toes, use on arm

Standing shoulder adduction

Stand with the strap in one hand at hip level. Lean body sideways while keeping your arm straight. Hold for three seconds before returning to starting position by pulling your arm towards your body. Change arm after 12 repetitions