Redcord refers to sport specific studies in soccer, golf, baseball and softball.


Soccer is more than kicking a ball!
To become good soccer player you need skills such as strength, speed, leaping power, balance and coordination.

Suspension exercise is an effective and inspiring way to achieving these skills. Redcord has several great exercises for all sports, including soccer. Studies with elite soccer players have shown that with Redcord suspension exercise the players shoot harder and improve their balance. Experience also indicates that suspension exercise prevents injury.

Study that shows how Redcord increases succer players results

Swing longer!
Redcord is an effective way to train a golfers major challenge; the swing. This complex movement if the power generated in the rotation of the hips. Redcord have several exercises for strengthening, training and stabilizing the muscles a swing activates. Redcords exercises has a unique effect on the back, which increases the players ability in the game by reducing, removing or preventing back pain.

Study that shows how golf pleyers can swing longer