Marit Nore uses Redcord exercises in between sessions to prevent injuries. Kiting and wakeboarding are intense activities with hard landings on a flat surface. These sports demand a strong body. Some days she stays away from the water, goes for a jog and does Redcord exercises. She gets stronger and stays motivated. With a strong core, she stays injury-free.

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mathias Lilleheim“Redcord is an effective exercise concept that provides high transfer value to sport. My task as a physical trainer at Olympiatoppen (an organisation that is part of Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports with responsibility for training Norwegian elite sport) is to optimize strength and stabilization training for the athletes I work with. Suspension exercise is an important part of this training: it aims to increase transmission efficacy (good techniques), to prevent injury and to enhance the power potential in the muscles that contribute to progress.”

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Lars has a special relationship with Redcord: he has literally ‘grown up’ in the Redcord slings. It was his grandfather who started the business, so Lars has played in the slings since he was two or three years old. “The joy of challenging and controlling the body in the ropes and on the trampoline in my garden inspired me to start gymnastics.”

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“The road was difficult and tough, but giving up was never and option. Patience, determination, discipline, hard work and sacrifice brought me and my country for the first time in history to the Winter Olympic Games. “

Klaus Jungbluth is a physiotherapist and cross-country skier from Ecuador, who managed to qualify for the Olympics representing Ecuador. Read his amazing story!

“I have used Redcord non stop ever since my first course, which was in 2012. In average I would say I have used it twice a week. During all this time I have never had any injury, so I can assure that Redcord has helped me on injury prevention. Also my overall performance has been shaped up using Redcord, I mainly use the Redcord mini and also the Redcord axis.
Even though I have a lot of experience using Redcord, when I met Henrik in January, he taught me some movements that were very challenging and this is why I like and prefer Redcord, because you can always make it challenging no matter how good you are with it. I used Neurac at my practice with neck and back injuries mainly, I had great results and people really liked it.”


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