An eventful summer with kiting, wakeboarding. Marit Nore uses Redcord to exercise in between her sessions to prevent injury.


Kiting and wakeboarding are intense activities with hard surface landings. The two sports require considerable strength throughout the body. On some days Marit Nore takes time off the water to go jogging or to exercise using Redcord. This way she gets stronger and more motivated. She builds up her support muscles, so she stays injury-free. Marit always takes her Redcord Mini with her wherever she is traveling.

Summer in Sardinia

This summer, Marit stayed in Sardinia to run a kite camp for the travel company Lapoint. “The summer has been fantastic, with over 15 Swedish and Norwegian participants each week. They`ve learned how to kite or trained to improve their skills. Sardinia is an amazing island, with good winds, beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters and gorgeous food. We live on a farm where they produce everything from cheese and olive oil to vegetables, fruits and meat.”

A wonderful place

The best things about Sardinia are the friendly people and the fact that the island is almost crime-free. The participants can actually leave their car full of equipment, with the key in the ignition – no problem!

Gives me strength and balance

Kitesurfing is a sport that requires a high degree of impulse and solid body control. Painful and hard landings are part of the ‘game’, and typical are injuries are to the knee, shoulders and arms. “The exercises in Redcord slings give me strength and balance to perform better, and reduce the chance of strain injury.”

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