It is important to stay fit and prepare the body for the stress and changes that will occur after pregnancy. If you have an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy, we have suggested an exercise program for you. If you feel pain or discomfort during workout, we recommend contacting a physiotherapist for a tailored exercise program.


Supine Bridging

Lie on your back with straps at ankles about 30 cm above surface. Lift pelvis up to a straight body. Return to starting position.
Hold the position for a few seconds, before slowly going down.

Supine Bridging with motion

Lie on back with legs in narrow slings (or straps) about 30 cm above surface. Lift pelvis up to a straight body. Move legs out sideways and together while keeping pelvis from surface. Do 4-5 repetitions before slowly going down.

Side-Lying Hip Abduction

Lie on side with wide sling. Support the upper body on your forearm. Tighten your abdominals and lift your hip until your body is straight. Lift upper leg. Avoid flexing your hip. Return to the starting position. The exercise can also be performed on a straight arm.

Supine Pull-ups

Lie under Redcord Trainer/Mini/AXIS with knees flexed and arms straight. Lift body by flexing elbows. Progression: Lift with straight body. Variation: Only lift upper body

Kneeling Shoulder/Scapular Protraction

Stand on all four with hands in PowerGrip or straps. Push shoulders together and then apart (arch your back) – remember keeping your arms straight.

Push-up Plus

Lower the ropes to desired height and do push-ups. Protract (make arms long) shoulders when arms are straight. Avoid touching ropes for support. Progression: Knees on balance cushion, on toes, use on arm.

Standing Leaning Sideways

Place a strap on one elbow. Lean slowly out to the side. Push elbow into strap to return to starting position.

Back/Pelvis movements

Place a balance cushion on a chair and sit on it. Move pelvis from side to side. For stretching, lift opposite arm above body.

Hips/Pelvis relaxation

Lie on your back with leg in narrow slings or straps. Move legs from side to side like a pendulum, as well as spreading them and bringing them together.