Pregnancy increases the importance of muscle interaction in the hip and pelvis.



Redcord will guide you through exercises that are good for the whole body, before and after birth, helping you through a healthy pregnancy and maternity leave.

  • Prevent and reduce pelvic and back pain
  • Improve stability and increase the mobility of the pelvis
  • Strengthen arms and shoulders before the baby arrives

Exercise program for those who are pregnant

PregnantRedcordSlingPregnancy hormones affect the pelvis so that the ligaments become more flexible and the strain on the stabilization muscles is increased. The sooner you get started with preventive suspension training the greater is the chance of avoiding pelvic girdle pain (PGP) during pregnancy.

Important to remember for pregnancy exercises:

  • If you have disorders or pain we recommend that you contact a physiotherapist for guidance
  • The training can be heavy, but it should not cause discomfort
  • You should not do the exercises if they cause you pain
  • Change your position if you experience discomfort – vary your starting position