Have you started a treatment program? Do you wish to rehabilitate after an operation? Or to eliminate pain or distress through training? Then we strongly recommend that you seek help from a physiotherapist who can assist you with exercises that suit you.

See our list of Certified Neurac providers who can help you to get started on your training. Continuing home exercise after treatment is an important part of Neurac sling treatment. Follow-up home training: during treatment you will be given training in exercises that you can do at home or at the gym.


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Good reasons to continue home training after the pain or symptoms are gone:

  • An individualized exercise program helps to maintain and improve treatment outcome
  • Systematic training over time will improve your tolerability for activity and stress
  • The training helps to prevent relapse
  • You will increase your strength and improve function! Ask your health practitioner to adjust the training program so that your training gradually becomes heavier and harder.

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