“I’ve always liked competition and exercised regularly. I was on a bicycling tour in July 2010, when the front wheel disappeared into a hole and I fell on my back down a rocky hill. Fortunately I was able to call for help, and a helicopter picked me up. I had to undergo surgery for back injuries, neck pain, broken ribs, injured sternum/breastbone and a punctured lung.”

“After surgery and ordinary physiotherapy treatment for six months without much effect, I decided to go to Redcord Clinic. The Redcord Clinic took me seriously, and I was given a thorough examination and good information. I received sling therapy with vibration at the Redcord Clinic, as well as excellent follow-up with suspension exercises.”

“My neck pain was quickly reduced with treatment. After nine treatments and home training, I`ve gradually built up new strength throughout the body. The pain has almost completely gone. I now look forward, and the Birkebeinerrennet race is my goal! It’s amazing to look back on the incident and the injuries I had compared to where I am now.”

Baard Jørgen Høiness