Last week SmartMed and Redcord have arranged the first Neurac 1 Instructor Course in Thailand. The course took place in the very nice education facilities belonging to SmartMed in central Bangkok. Physiotherapist and Certified Neurac Course Instructor Fredrik Halvorsen has been teaching this course, and we are proud to introduce the 4 newest members of the Neurac 1 Course Instructor family. Everyone passed the exam with flying colours. Congratulations!

We are really looking forward to future Neurac 1 courses in Thailand, and have already started to schedule the first Neurac 2 courses later in 2015.

The new Neurac 1 Course Instructor team in Thailand (from right):
Mr. Kriangkrai Phetsuriyasak
Mr. Wichien Wacairatersmak
Mr. Kethsada Vannee
Ms. Wantanee Danjareanrak
Fredrik Halvorsen (Instructor from Redcord)