Redcord Active Specialist
Participants who successfully have completed the Redcord Active Pro course and passed the examination process, can be awarded the title ‘Redcord Active Specialist’. The title gives you the opportunity to enter an international register of highly competent professionals.


Who are you?
You may be a personal trainer, an instructor or working with fitness and wellness.

Our goals
We will contribute to professional development within the network and give you access to our services and equipment on favorable terms. You will be able to:

Distribute and communicate the knowledge about Redcord sling exercise to our members
Develop and document the existing and new exercises in Redcord

Membership benefits
As a Redcord Active Specialist you will get publicity on our web site with a photo, e-mail and your own website address if you have one.
You will be the personal trainer/instructor we will recommend to our customers. It will be easy for our customers to find you by conducting a search one the relevant country and town. All Redcord Active Specialists will be listed under each country world wide.

Benefits of becoming a Redcord Active Specialist

  • An international title that proves you are a quality approved professional in suspension exercise
  • Membership in an international network of highly competent fitness professionals
  • Exclusive access to presentations, scientific information and news
  • Publicity through Redcord’s register of recommended specialists

Required equipment when applying for membership:

Tandem solution:

  • 2 x Redcord Trainer
  • (or 1 x Redcord Trainer + 1 x Redcord Mini, or 1 x Redcord Trainer + 1 x Redcord AXIS)

  • 1 x Redcord AXIS (if not included in the tandem solution mentioned above)
  • 1 x Wide sling and 1 pair 60 cm elastic cords
  • 1 x Redcord Mini (for demonstration to your customer, how to continue the exercise at home)


The membership is personal and has a yearly fee that is currently Nok 650,-

For more information see Redcord Active courses