Course objective: The Redcord Active Intro course aim is to help the participants understand the science behind training in Redcord, and make them able to use it in their own training and in training of others

For who? Open for everyone. This course fits for personal trainers, instructors, physiotherapist, coaches in various sports and ages, other fitness professionals and generally active people who want to use Redcord in own training and in training of others

Exercises in Redcord can be used for: 

  • Performance enhancement
  • Health enhancement
  • Injury prevention and injury rehabilitation
  • Testing & correction

Course content:

  • Basic physiology and anatomy theory
  • Redcord science, theory and principles
  • Principles of strength training and programming
  • A wide range of suspension exercises for upper body, lower body and core
  • Progressing exercises: how to make exercises harder or easier
  • Introduction to Redcord Axis

Redcord Active Introduction course gives you:

  • 2 day course (14 hours, 09.00-17.00) and course materiel
  • Redcord mini sling
  • Access to all exercises instructions and progression plans
  • 4 different sling programs

When and where?

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