Course objective: The Redcord Active Performance course aim to educate participants in strength theory and programming. This course give you update on latest science, and practical knowledge about how to implement Redcord for increased performance


For who? Open for everyone. This course fits for personal trainers, instructors, physioterapist, coaches in various sports, other fitness professionals and generally active people who wants to take their training or coaching to the next level

Exercises in Redcord can be used for:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Health enhancement
  • Injury prevention and injury rehabilitation
  • Testing & correction


Course content:

  • Theory about adaptations to strength training
  • Advanced programming: A new perspective on dose-response of training for strength and hypotrophy
  • How to implement Redcord in dynamic warm up and power training
  • Advanced Redcord exercises in Axis and Multisuspension


Redcord Active Performance course gives you:

  • 2 day course (14 hours) and course materiall
  • Access to all exercise instructions and progression plans
  • 4 advanced programs


When and where?

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