Course objective: The Redcord Active Functional Testing & Correction course aim to learn participants how to use Redcord for movement screening, kinetic chain testing and corrective exercise.


For who? Physioteraphist, personal trainers, coaches in various sports and other fitness professionals who want to take their practice and knowledge to the next level.


Exercises in Redcord can be used for:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Health enhancement
  • Injury prevention and injury rehabilitation
  • Testing & correction


Course content: 

  • Theory about planes of movement, myofacial chains, kinetic chains and weak links (muscular unsteadiness and weakness)
  • Standarized tests of kinetic muscular chains
  • Corrective exercises to re-establish optimal muscular interaction


Redcord Active Functional Testing & Correction course gives you:

  • 2 days course (14 hours) and course material
  • Access to all test and exercise instructions


When and where?

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