Redcord Sport courses are aimed at athletes, trainers, coaches, instructors and other professionals who work with sports, performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Redcord Sport courses are related to the Redcord Active courses.The courses are based on acknowledged science and documented principles in training and active rehabilitation.

Redcord Sport Performance

Topics covered in this course:


  • Exercises to enhance performance and prevent injuries
  • Three dimensional exercises with high carry-over effect to sports
  • Theory on functional anatomy: kinetic chains, muscle slings and muscular synergies



Redcord Sport Specific

Redcord Sport Specific courses go deeper into exercises aimed at one specific sport, e.g:



  • cross-country
  • cycling
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Redcord Sport Specific courses can be delivered on demand, tailored to your sport/sports Club.

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