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Justin Grinius, rebalanced SF,

Redcord Active Specialist, Pilates Instructor, FMS I, San Francisco. Read about the remarkable progress for Justin`s patient Ren.

“Ren’s Story of Success”

“I’ve been looking for the right kind of training and safe work outs
that would fit my particular disability needs. Safe to say I’ve never
had more effective workout/treatment than Redcord. Justin is very
detail oriented, careful about my disabilities and needs. He’s
upbeat, creative, punctual, and energetic. He knows when to push
me and just how much. Every session has been very rewarding for
me and has reshaped my body despite the disabilities for so much
better movement, balance, and confidence. Glad to have met Justin
since he’s the best and most attentive trainer yet so far.”
— Ren L.

Success story from Justin Grinius

I started working with Ren L. (female, in her 20’s) in August 2017.
Ren was looking for a personal trainer who would help her get the right kind of exercise routines to complement her physical therapy.
Ren’s myelomeningocele spina bifida and mild cerebral palsy have limited her from strenuous exercises like weight lifting and anything else that may further damage the spinal cord.

Ren has limited sensation in her toes and wears an ankle foot orthosis to stabilize her left leg.
She stated that she was looking to build a tailored program around her medical needs.
Apart from that Ren stated that she had full mobility. She expressed interest in strengthening her core, gluts, inner thighs, and improve upright stability. She also wanted to improve her gait.

Ren was looking for workouts that would allow her to switch between wearing and taking off her brace.
While Ren was primarily wanting to focus on strengthening core and her legs for balance she was open to working on her upper body as well. Ren is a software engineer and also an active mountain hiker.
She commutes daily to work on a motorcycle.

We started with focusing on supine pelvic lifts, side lying abduction, as well as adduction biasing her left leg which is less table.
She responded quickly by reporting activation in her gluteus maximus, medius, core, and adductors.

Through the use of supporting slings, bungees and perturbation she reported soreness in the right areas after our sessions.
We’ve added supine Redcord Axis exercises next as she was able to load the superficial back line bilaterally and secured her heels in the straps so her feet wouldn’t slip out given her condition.

Ren noticed increase in hamstring strength and endurance pretty quickly. Ren can now also do unilateral supine planks
with the free leg off-weighted. Following that, we added unilateral prone planking suspended at the knee including additional movements.
Again, bias has been working with the left leg suspended.

We noticed her temptation to compensate with upper traps/levator scapulae so lately have also added upper body exercises; including push up plus, standing rowing with rotation in Redcord Axis and scapulae protraction/retraction in forward lean kneeling.

Her serratus anterior, low/mid trapezius and rhomboids responded well to strengthening exercises. We are observing significant
reduction in upper trap/levator scap compensatory patterns.
While our first ten sessions were more focused on core with lower body exercises lately we’ve been adding more upper body drills
during our sessions together.

Ren is now able to do standing backwards lunges. She’s looking forward to increased demand of our workout routines and has
enjoyed adding Pilates reformer work to compliment Redcord training in gaining flexibility.
Ren is reporting noticeable improvement in her ability to balance upright. She is significantly more confident walking, not needing to look for something to hold on to to help her balance. Her weekend hikes have gotten longer as she’s more confident and stronger.

She hasn’t had low back pain after strenuous mountain hiking like she was having before working out in Redcord.
Ren is also noticing improvement in how her back and shoulders feel from sitting at work. Her posture has improved dramatically, and she feels like she is standing taller.

Ren feels like Redcord has been the most significant modality in helping her achieve her goals of strength, gait and posture.
I’ve asked Ren to give her physiotherapist feedback and educate about Redcord’s unique ability to help clients like Ren in the continuum of care transitioning back to an active lifestyle.