Benefits of the new features:

Muscle activation
Vibration may enhance muscle activation and is documented most efficient in the frequency range between 30-50 Hz. Redcord Stimula+ can now offer this range of vibration frequencies with all energy levels.

Pain management
Modulation of pain is proven effective with higher levels of vibration frequencies. Redcord Stimula+ has a wider range of higher frequencies with different energy levels. This gives the therapist more and better options in pain management.

Random vibration mode
The neuromuscular system can over time adapt to proprioceptive input, such as vibration. This may result in decreased effect of vibratory stimulation. A random vibration mode with varying and unpredictable vibration patterns will reduce the likelihood of the neuromuscular system getting accustomed to a certain vibration frequency. Redcord Stimula+ has several programs and options for applying random vibration with different energy levels and different frequency ranges.

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