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Course calendar, Medical Professionals

Because the travel restrictions are hard to predict in close future due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to cancel all scheduled courses in 2020.  We will give notice here once we reopen courses next year.


Prices pr course:

  • Neurac 1:                       kr 9000,-
  • Neurac 2 Lower Body:  kr 6000,-
  • Neurac 2 Upper Body:  kr 6000,-
  • Neurac 2 Vibration:       kr 6000,-
  • Neurac 3:                       kr 9000,-

Course hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Redcord Clinic
Sandviksveien 36
1363 Høvik, Norway

We will inform here if the courses are not held at Redcord Clinic.


Medical Professional Information

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Course review: Redcord Neurac 1. The Manual Therapist

“What is record? – It’s “Low Tech, High Knowledge” It’s basically a system of pulleys, harnesses, ropes, and bungees. Think of everything you love about Pilates – without the moving reformer, and TrX, but better.” Dr.E

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