Redcord is ‘the common thread’ between injury, health and training. Many years of research, development and clinical experience serve as the basis for Neurac treatment and courses. Neurac has been developed over many years with input from medical and therapy professionals in collaboration with an international network of researchers and clinicians.

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Active treatment – survey and reactivation of musculoskeletal ailments
Based on 20 years of experience, Neurac is an active and highly effective method of treating musculoskeletal ailments. Continual incorporation of available and relevant science makes the Neurac courses attractive and they are currently delivered in more than 25 countries.

Studies show that pain and/or inactivity can disturb the signals for neuromuscular control. This leads to impaired muscle interaction and decreased strength and quality of movement, also called weak links.
As a result some muscles become stressed, strained and painful. The Neurac method focuses on neuromuscular re-education to activate, normalize and strengthen muscle interaction.



The five principles behind Neurac treatment
Neurac is performed with the Redcord Workstation Professional, and the treatment consists of especially tailored exercises and techniques.
To enhance treatment outcomes, vibration can be applied with the patented Redcord Stimula. Many patients experience additional pain relief when the vibration stimulus is applied.

  • Closed Kinetic Chain (body weight-bearing exercise)
  • Unsteadiness
  • Movements in multiple planes
  • Precise progressions
  • Pain-free movements

Redcord treatment equipment
Neurac treatment consists of specially developed exercises and techniques in Redcord ropes and slings. Redcord Workstation Professional is the equipment you need to perform Neurac treatment.
Read more about Redcord equipment here.

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