Neurac courses are for Physiotherapists and other licensed health professionals with an academic background in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and examination of the musculoskeletal system.

Neurac is an abbreviation of Neuromuscular Activation and consists of therapeutic exercises in Redcord slings. The aim of the Neurac Method is to restore pain free movement patterns and improve function. Exercises performed on unstable surface with body weight bearing exercises. The exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. This is what we refer to as functional strength!

Neurac treatment is used to reduce and prevent disorders, and also to enhancing performance. Neurac Treatment challenges the interplay between muscles and is focusing on what is causing the problem – not only the symptoms.


Neurac courses gives you:

  • A pedagogic and progressive structure that takes you step by step though the whole Neurac method
  • Each course day has 7 contact hours where approximately 75 % of content is practical and 25% is theory
  • Detailed practical course books with descriptions and photos of all exercises and techniques
    The comprehensive course material can be used as a reference manual in your daily practice
  • During the courses there is room for questions and fruitful discussions
  • An overview of the related science and theory that have been presented

Our Neurac Course Instructors has been through Redcord education program and are certified instructors using Neurac in their daily practice.