To reach the certification and be awarded the title “Certified Neurac Practitioner”, the therapist needs to successfully complete the examination process at Neurac 3, sign the contract and have access to Redcord Workstation and Redcord Stimula.

Neurac 3 is an advanced course for therapists who have completed Neurac 1 and all Neurac 2 courses. At Neurac 3 the focus is technique refinement,clinical reasoning and patient communication:

  • In depth clinical reasoning
  • Patient communication
  • Motivation techniques
  • Case based tasks
  • Exam to qualify as a “Certified Neurac Practitioner”

The title gives you

  • An official title to be used in marketing
  • Listing among recommended Neurac Practitioners
  • Access to an exclusive forum with information, discussions, and updates

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Certified Neurac Practitioner