Neurac 2 is your next step to become a Certified Neurac Practitioner after Neurac 1 is fullfilled.

Neurac 2 courses

We have in 2016 been revising the entire Neurac course program. The last time we did this was in 2011.
Neurac 2 are now 3 courses, totally 6 days. We recommend to join the Neurac 2 courses in the listed order :

    • Neurac 2 Lower Body (Was formerly Back & Pelvis, and Lower Ex.)
    • Neurac 2 Upper Body ( Was formerly Neck and Upper Ex.)
    • Neurac 2 Vibration (Was formerly Stimula*)

We recommend you to spend between 3-6 months to complete the three Neurac 2 courses,  to gain best possible quality and clinical experience with the Neurac method.

The courses gives you:

  • Modified exercises targeting myofascial chains and neuromuscular re-education
  • Theory on neuromuscular control and musculoskeletal dysfunction for the specific body region, including a standardized Neurac Testing regime.
  • Clinical reasoning related to Neurac Testing and Neurac Treatment
  • Advanced Neurac testing and treatment for local motor control and myofascial chains

Neurac 2 Vibration*
At Neurac 2 Vibration we will teach you how to use vibration and Redcord Stimula apparatus in Neurac treatment.

The course gives you:

  • Theory and practice knowledge of clinical vibration using Redcord Stimula in Neurac treatment
  • Background, definitions and principles regarding the neurophysiology of vibration
  • Theory on vibration as therapeutic modality
  • Theory on the effect of vibration in pain physiology

All Neurac 2 courses must be completed before you can sign on for  Neurac 3. You are now close to the title Certified Neurac Practitioner!

Course calendar and prices