Neurac method is a treatment that aims to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns through high levels of neuromuscular stimulation. The Neurac treatment focuses on muscle interaction and the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms.

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Neurac method is founded on up-to-date research and long-standing scientific principles that recommend the use of closed chain exercise for managing neuromuscular skeletal problems and enhancing function.

Neurac is an active treatment approach consisting of four main elements:
1. Suspension exercise
2. Controlled vibration/perturbation to selected body parts
3. Workload, specific and gradual exercise progression
4. A pain-free approach

The aim of the Neurac method is to restore pain-free movement patterns and improve function. Neurac treatment challenges the interplay between muscles and focuses on what is causing the problem – not only on the symptoms.

Please watch this short introduction film – from treatment to home exercise.

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Neurac courses are for physiotherapists and other licensed health professionals with an academic background in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and examination of the musculoskeletal system.

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Neurac method

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