Benefits of the new features:

Muscle activation
Vibration may enhance muscle activation and is documented as most efficient in the frequency range between 30-50 Hz. Redcord Stimula+ can now offer this range of vibration frequencies with all energy levels.

Pain management
Modulation of pain has been proven effective with higher levels of vibration frequencies. Redcord Stimula+ has a wider range of higher frequencies with different energy levels. This gives the therapist more and better options for pain management.

Random vibration mode
The neuromuscular system can over time adapt to proprioceptive input, such as vibration. This may result in decreased effect of vibratory stimulation. A random vibration mode with varying and unpredictable vibration patterns will reduce the likelihood of the neuromuscular system getting accustomed to a certain vibration frequency. Redcord Stimula+ has several programs and options for applying random vibration with different energy levels and different frequency ranges.
The Redcord Stimula+ makes Neurac treatment even more effective. It provides faster recovery and better results in the treatment of:

  • dysfunctional muscular control
  • pain conditions in the musculoskeletal apparatus
  • functional disorders of the neck, back, pelvis and shoulder regions

The treatment is carried out in body weight-bearing positions and is a part of the Neurac treatment. Redcord Stimula+ sends vibrations through the ropes in Redcord Workstation Professional. The vibration is applied to selected body areas and the dosage is controlled by adjusting the frequency, energy level, vibration pattern and treatment time.

We strongly recommend taking the Neurac 2 Stimula course before you start using the Redcord Stimula+.

There is evidence that vibration:

  • increases proprioceptive input
  • increases the activation of muscles
  • increases muscle strength
  • improves flexibility
  • reduces pain

Redcord Stimula+ is a result of many years of development, clinical and systematical testing and re-testing. The vibration tool is already an irreplaceable device used daily in several Redcord Clinics. Clinical experience has shown Redcord Stimula to be an even more efficient and important part of Neurac treatment than first assumed, and has demonstrated great treatment results.

For more information on Redcord Stimula, please contact your local distributor.