Shanxi Medical University Affiliated Hospital / Director Liang
Shenyang Shengjing Hospital / Director Zhan

Both facilities will offer Neurac courses to health professionals in their province. Redcord / Sinonordic are very happy to cooperate with both hospitals and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

During the last week (January 17th-18th and 19th-20th) there has been official ceremonies activities at both in Shanxi and Shenyang to celebrate the cooperation and opening of the Neurac course facilities in both hospitals. In addition the two hospitals have organized a Neurac Neurology Workshop in relation with the opening ceremonies. Physiotherapist Trygve Danielsen (Neurac course instructor and PT Sunnaas Hospital ) has been present on behalf of Redcord and also taught the workshops together with Sinonordic.