AXIS introduces rotational movements, creating the potential for a large number of new functional exercises, progressions and variations.

Correct anatomical movements
Redcord Axis gives you more opportunities compared to traditional suspension exercises. By adding rotation, Axis increases the degree of instability further, making the well-known traditional exercises more challenging.

“This instability must be balanced in the rotation system, which requires good movement control. Many of these movements may be very difficult or even impossible to perform in a normal suspension training system”, says Physiotherapist and head of the research and development department in Redcord, Oeyvind Pedersen.

AXIS is designed to withstand heavy loads with minimal resistance and noise in the apparatus. The rotation takes place through two separate rollers instead of one, which gives anatomically and technically correct execution of the movements.

A versatile training equipment
Training with rotating movements is of great importance for physical therapists, personal trainers and ordinary people wanting to improve physical function. This makes AXIS versatile training tool.

“For the fitness and sports segment, AXIS will be a great tool both to mimic sport-specific movements and to stimulate optimal motion control. Personal trainers will be able to instruct their clients in a new level of corrective exercises, and physical therapists will find Axis to be a useful tool to provide equal weights between healthy and damaged side”, says Pedersen.

Redcord have already implemented rotation as a subject in both Neurac courses (medical) and Active courses, where you are introduced to tandem training. As a training tool, Redcord Axis will appeal to the experienced exercisers or athletes who want to train in an unstable environment.

Improve physical function
Redcord’s slogan is “Helping people to a life in motion”. Clinical experience and proven knowledge have shown how Redcord suspension exercises can improve physical function. In combination with the Redcord Trainer and Redcord Mini, the Redcord AXIS gives you the opportunity to train your entire body in an even more effective and varied way.

“Redcord AXIS will, with its distinctive characteristics, help to lift this even a step further”, says Pedersen.