Our Redcord Clinic serves as a center of excellence for the Neurac® method in the international Neurac community. New techniques and procedures are continuously being developed and standardized to improve the Neurac method.


At Redcord Clinic the therapists use the Neurac method to assess and treat patients with musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular disorders. The results are particularly good for conditions such as:

• Low back and pelvic pain
• Neck disorders (e.g. whiplash, neck pain with headache)
• Shoulder and arm dysfunctions (e.g. impingement, shoulder instability, tennis elbow)
• Lower extremity disorders (e.g. arthritis and patellofemoral pain)

Systematic evaluation of treatment responses
An individualized treatment plan is developed for the patient based on the treatment response from the first three consultations.
Long-term follow-up, including exercise programs, is emphasized. The treatment outcome is systematically monitored with validated patient forms. Our clinical experience is transferred into our education programs.

The Redcord Clinic offers services to companies for preventive measures, as well as treatment and group training at the workplace.