“Solid and durable system that is good to use and easy to handle”

Strong with suspension training
A sling is a gym packed in a small bag, Shape Up. Three strength hunters have tested the ropes for several months: Malin Iren Haug, competing actively in triathlon, been in the Norway elite in skydiving and running coach in the sportsteam BUL. Kari F. Lingsom, personal trainer, sling instructor, triathlete and one of the best open water swimmers in Norway and Maren Haugeto, professional tester and journalist.

Along with Redcord Mini, Shape Up also tested:

  • TRX Home Kit
  • Jungle Sports Liana Fly
  • R.O.P.E.S Black Line
  • Casall Multi Balance Trainer
  • Pro Mobech Multigym-sling
  • Artzt Vitality Aerosling
  • Purmotion Airfit Trainer Pro

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