Safety warning for slings and straps with red fabric around the D-ring






(figure 1)
Redcord advices all customers that have got slings and straps produced between 2009 – 2011 to check and control the fabric that attaches the D-ring.

Redcord has received reports regarding red fabric around the D-ring. It is not UV protected, and the straps /slings can be damaged if exposed to direct sun light over a long period of time. Worst case, the straps/slings can break with full body weight.

The safety warning is only directed to straps/slings with a rubber sleeve with a logo and red fabric around the D-ring (see figure 1 above)
This saftey warning does not affect slings/straps have grey fabric attaching the D-Ring. The grey fabric is UV protected.

We ask all our customers and users that own slings and straps that have the red fabric attaching the D-Ring, to please conduct the safety test and control.