Planke receives the order for his effort in the Norwegian business sector, according to a press release from the Royal Court.

Great importance for Norwegian industry
Together with his brother Tore, Petter has had great significance for Norwegian industry.
It was the brothers who originally started the leading company of recycling bottles, Tomra.
In 1991 he started the company Nordisk Terapi/Nordic Therapy together with his wife and his brother. The company later changed the name to Redcord AS.


“Muscle and skeletal injuries cost the most and affect the most”.


This is Petter Plankes mantra and the reason why he has followed the company so close through 22 years. The company’s philosophy has been a part of building a long term business based on medical research and good products.

Redcord congratulates Petter Planke with his honors of the St.Olavs Order.