“It was really amazing to see the reduction in pain and the improvement in balance after just five minutes with Redcord!”

“In periods when I train regularly I am now pain-free and currently do not need medicines. The training is easy to regulate and has no side effects. I am very grateful to Redcord for making me able to tolerate more and get more out of the day and for improving my mood. If anyone had told me that this was possible I wouldn’t have believed them. Redcord has given me and my family a new everyday life.”

Hans Guthus,  januar 2008


 7 years after first treatmen: It goes very well with me

“I got a huge boost with Neurac treatment and exercise. Some indescribable that I’ve managed so well. Daily training in slings are essential.”

Hans Guthus (47)
Tlf: 92 48 19 62
Epost: hans-krg@online.no

First interview januar 2008, second interview september 2014