Anne Marte Gerner_web_cs“3 years ago I had a fall- accident on cross-country skiing. I got a concussion, which turned out to be a prolonged condition with a lot of pain in my head and the nearby muscles.
I had pain every day, and it restricted my capacity in life. I was sensitive to all types of stimuli and I had challenges in coping with my everyday life.

I was told that time would heal the condition, but that was not my experience.
After trying different treatments I was advised to try Neurac at Redcord Clinic with Gitle Kirkesola. And it really gave me a new life!!

I am still working my way back to a normal life. Now the pain is the exception for mostly painless days, and I have started to work again.
The Neurac method has given me hope, gratitude and my life back.
I am a physiotherapist, and I hope as many people as possible get acquainted with the Neurac method, and the opportunity it gives to finally give or get the help that really works!! “